Washing as art?

Once women’s first chore of the week, Morley Grainger’s astute, accurate, witty exhibition Washing turns the clothesline into a string of provocative punch lines about where women were, and how far they’ve come.

Stylised denim ‘clothes’, tonally graded from dark indigo to pale, meander around the exhibition space beginning and ending with a pictorial banner. Visually the work is benign but the ‘clothes’ carry hand-embroidered text – a mixture of satire and compassion – once recognised demanding viewer attention.

The Exhibition:
Fifty pieces of looped ‘washing’ bookended with pictorial appliqued fabric banners – to begin Washing then; to end Washing now

Pictorial banner x 2: 225cm x 53cm
‘Clothes’: 50cm x 50cm with some variation

Pictorial banner x 2: hand painted and appliquéd cotton
‘Clothes’: recycled cotton denim, hand embroidered text

Size: 35-40 running metres

Crated weight: 34 kilograms

Comes with:
DVD – a creative exploration of the artist’s environment providing insights into the making of previous touring exhibitions. 22 minutes duration

Audio CD of washing recollections. 30 minutes duration

Banner (x 2) – measuring 225cm x 53cm


Education Pack for Primary & Secondary students

Laminated explanatory notes & labels

Condition Report Manual

Media Release & Photo

Detailed hanging instructions