In Praise Of Australian Women

In Praise of Australian Women is a series based on the ‘wagga’ rug or ‘bush’ quilt – terms synonymous with ‘making do’ – in which aspects of the Australian woman’s experience are explored.

The title of each installation reflects observations and raises questions about our identity, our relationship with the environment, multiculturalism, Aboriginal women, Chinese women and the effects of World War 2.

The Exhibition:
Nine installations comprising wall hung ‘wagga’ rugs paired with Perspex boxed
combinations of fabric fragments, historical photographs, poetry, prose and related artefacts.

Wagga – 170cm x 120cm (66” x 48”)
Boxes – 71cm x 52cm x 4cm (25” x 21” x 1.5”)

Cotton, linen and woollen fabric, mostly recycled; hand and machine stitched

Size: 22 – 24 running metres

Crated weight: 140 kilograms

Comes with:
DVD – a creative exploration of the artist’s environment providing insights into the making of this and subsequent touring exhibitions. 22 minutes duration

Banner – measuring 235cm x 90cm

Education Pack for Primary & Secondary students

Laminated explanatory notes & labels


Condition Report Manual

Media Release & Photo

Detailed hanging instructions

2 day Workshop for artists and fabric enthusiasts (extra)