Tweets from the Trenches – France WW1

My grandfather, Captain Melvill Walter Thornton Wyon of the 2nd South Staffordshire Regiment was wounded on 24th March 1918. His blood-spattered British Army message book turned up in my mother’s personal effects after she died and letters to his wife from the French battlefield were there too. 

A century later, I surrendered to the urge to make art from these artefacts—22 messages and nine letters in his handwriting.

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The exhibition:
A wall-hung quilt, twenty-two messages and nine letters with transcriptions and supporting images describing the reality of war for men and women.

Quilt – 118cm x 112cm (46” x44”)

Artworks – mostly 42cm x 30cm (16.5” x 12”)

Quilt – up-cycled army trousers hand and machine stitched

Size: 22 running metres

Crated weight: 40 kilograms

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Comes with:

DVD – a creative explorations of the artist’s environment providing insights into the making of this and previous touring exhibitions. 22 minutes duration

Banner (x2) – measuring 235cm x 90cm

Education Pack for Primary & Secondary Students

Explanatory notes and labels

Condition report Manual

Media Release and photo

Detailed hanging instructions

2-day Workshop for artists and fabric enthusiasts (extra)