Rise – cooking up character

This, the definitive multicultural exhibition, brings together two universal themes of women’s material culture – cakes and textiles. Cooking and sewing have been the most portable symbolic markers of continuity after migration.

Eighteen participants baked their offering and told their story as the basis for Rise.

The Exhibition:
The exhibition design is quirky – eighteen offerings translated into non-edible works, are wall mounted and angled – Dali-esque – taking food from the customary horizontal plane to the semi-vertical.

40cm x 40cm x 14cm (15.5” x 15.5” x 5.5″)

Tablecloths: paperbark, cotton, silk, linen and woollen fabric
Fake food: foam rubber, fabric, felt, dental floss, balsa wood and Femo

Size: 25-27 running metres

Crated weight: 140 kilograms

Comes with:
DVD – a creative exploration of the artist’s environment providing insights into the making of previous touring exhibitions. 22 minutes duration

Banner (x 2) – measuring 240cm x 60cm

Catalogue – 32 page full colour

Receipe Book featuring each cake represented in the exhibition

Education Pack for primary & secondary students

Laminated explanatory notes, women’s stories & labels

Condition Report Manual

Media Release & Photo

Detailed hanging instructions

2 day Workshop for artists and fabric enthusiasts (extra)