Line Of Blood – Myall Creek Massacre 1838 – our shared history

Line of Blood – Myall Creek Massacre 1838 – our shared history focuses on the relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians at the ‘frontier’ in the early years of pastoralist expansion.

Our history is filled with whispers and partly told stories of similar events, but this one was different: it was quite well recorded; all but one of the perpetrators was tried; and seven white Australians were hanged.

The exhibition design is understated an elegant; an unexpected approach for such a gruesome subject.

The Exhibition:
Fourteen framed panels of screen printed image and text graphically re-tell the story of the events of the 10th June 1838 at Myall Creek Station, near Bingara, New South Wales and the aftermath.

Each pane: 70cm x 60cm (27.5” x 23.5”)

Calico screen printed dried blood red-brown

Size: 16-17 running metres

Crated weight: 70 kilograms

Comes with:
DVD – a creative exploration of the artist’s environment providing insights into the making of previous touring exhibitions. 22 minutes duration

Banner (x 2) – measuring 240cm x 60cm


Education Pack for Primary & Secondary students

Laminated explanatory notes & labels

Condition Report Manual

Media Release & Photo

Detailed hanging instructions

2 day Workshop for artists and fabric enthusiasts (extra)